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Default Re: "...a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent": Does this not worry anyone els

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
I can't stay positive. I really tried my best but after everything I've been hearing about this film - being prematurely rushed in development, being made at WB's will instead of at Snyder/Goyer's, Snyder asking Frank Miller for advice on the film, casting Affleck as Batman, letting Goyer and Snyder write the script all by themselves, etc.) - I can no longer stay positive. Making Batman much older than Superman and changing the Batman/Superman dynamic was the last straw for me. Almost anything past this point would be blind optimism on my part.

Oh, they surprised me, alright. I think WB should get themselves checked for superpowers. It is amazing how they are able to surprise me everytime with how bad they fail at properly doing a DC property right in live-action (save for a few exceptions). Just when I think they can't screw up anymore, they prove me wrong. It's gotten to the point that I loose almost all excitement for anything they announce because I know they will most likely screw it up. I can't get excited for the Gordon show announced because I really don't trust WB, despite me wanting to see a Gordon show for years.

This particular film is what brought me to this conclusion. Back when this film was announced, there were particular things about it that I just knew wouldn't be screwed up with Snyder as the director. One of those things was Batman himself and the Batman/Superman dynamic. I just "knew" that at least those things would be done great and straight-off-the-page, as bad as the film might be. And I was even wrong about that.
Quite frankly, I expect to be infuriated by the new film, but I'm trying to hold onto the optimism a little bit longer.

Out of curiosity, what are some of your favorite stories from the comics for Batman and Superman? I'd love to know which of the comics really enticed you, and which ones you don't care for so much.

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