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Default Re: The Batmobile Thread

Originally Posted by RetrogradeOrbit View Post
As long as the Batmobile is not a modification of an existing vehicle, concept or production, I will be happy.
I kind of think it should be. Not as a shill for a car a la Transformers though. I think a heavily modified Lamborghini would be appropriate. I don't want it to look like Bruce hired a crew to design a custom car for him, and I don't want to presume that he designed a custom car on his own. Heavy modification on an existing design makes a lot more story sense. Nolan justified his Batmobile by making it a military tank-car, but I can't see them not explaining a custom car like the Batmobile away... and something that looks as unique as Burton's car would never fly with the sort of realism expected today. A lot of people can't even believe it when Spider-man has a complicated costume, how are people going to buy our new Batman driving around in a car that was OBVIOUSLY designed and built custom by a team?

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