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Default Re: The Official Batman TAS Thread - Part 1

Wouldn't it be incredible to get a 25th anniversary Blu-Ray boxset? But not just a remastered edition, but a whole conversion. Brand new, Young Justice quality animation. All the same episodes, not changing dialogue. Just replacing the 90's animation with something new and fresh. We're talking a 2017 release, with WB getting Bruce Timm and Paul Dini onboard to help w/ this endeavor. Call it a dream project to the fans. Have Timm still use the red backdrop that made BTAS look so epic. Just redone. Yes, i've heard that it would take time and money. But wouldn't WB earn all that back and then some? I'm sure all of you would want that, right? To me it sounds incredible. They wouldn't have to bring any actors back as they would most likely have all the audio saved somewhere. Bringing back the cast for interviews, SDCC panel, you name it. Seeing Conroy and Hamill on the SDCC stage together for a restyled BTAS would be incredible. And who knows, maybe they could redesign the short shorts Robin? To bring back the iconic BTAS with a fresher coat of paint so to say imo would make bank. You're talking about a series that's still the best Batman show to date, even after 20+ years. I'd personally love to see something like this happen, and i'd even go as far to say i'd love a Kickstarter to happen just so WB knows this should happen. Would BTAS fans contribute to such a movement? I would hope so. I think its a pretty awesome idea

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