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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 5

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
Marvel Swimsuit Special is for the likes of ScarJo, Emily Van Camp, Cobie Smulders, Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rebecca Hall, Kat Dennings, Hayley Atwell, Leslie Bibb, Olivia Munn, Elizabeth Henstridge, Chloe Bennet all appearing in bikinis.
No, it's for the three Chrises, RDJ, Anthony Mackie, Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, Don Cheadle, AAA, Frank Grillo, Djimon Hounsou, Sebastian Stan, that French kickboxer guy and whatever young hottie plays Quicksilver. Shirtless and wet, that's how we likes 'em.

Originally posted by Kevin Feige

It’s something that’s easy to take for granted, growing up in the United States as a white male, that my cinematic heroes look like me...It’s something that over the course of these ten years, having a certain amount of power over what type of movies are made and what type of actors we hire, I want everybody to have that feeling. We don’t take it for granted that people want to see themselves reflected in our heroes and our characters.
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