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Default Re: Supergirl suit in the sequels

Originally Posted by Uncanny1 View Post
Kara would stop wearing the kryptonian suits after she start living on earth and start to wear her Supergirl suits. Like the cheerleader skirt and maybe her new 52 one. The way Iron Man has more than one armour.
I find this suggestion a little dubious, particularly within the framework that Nolan and Snyder have created with MOS. I can't imagine any teenager who's just had their entire civilization wiped out would be in so big a hurry to acclimate to the ways of another civilization, particularly one that's just seen an entire city leveled by a bunch of HER people and is not all that enthused just to have one Kryptonian here, let alone two...not to mention what she'd think the second she finds out that her 'cousin' was the one who snapped the neck of the guy who fought to rebuild their world and reclaim the Codex that could have restored their species.

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