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Default Re: By the Bristling Beard of Odin! The Thor Thread - Part 1

Malekith basically has no backstory beyond "he ruled the dark elves and then got imprisoned." That's all Simonson ever gave him when he introduced him, and that's all we've seen so far (that I'm aware of, at least). I like that Aaron's delving a little deeper into what kind of king he was and how he's such an egomaniac that he considers the dark elves his and his alone, and all others are just pretenders to his throne.

I'm very much looking forward to the League of Realms, too. A character or two from each of the Nine Realms forming a team alongside Thor sounds utterly awesome. I was kind of hoping for more non-Asgardian mythological supporting cast members when Fraction introduced Asgardia as a new city open to all the species, but, as with all non-headbutt-related things in Fraction's run, I was disappointed.

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