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Default Re: Anime: Why you love/hate it so much?

Hate the constant moe and other fan service.

Love the nearly boundless imagination of the best anime. What other forms of entertainment should be and are so often not. I can't think of a live action tv show with the emotional flavor of something like .hack/Signs -- a sci fi show about a gamer using her relationships in an MMORPG world to deal with the parental abuse she suffers in the real world -- or many sci fi shows or movies that combine breathtaking visual beauty, philosophy, and action like Ghost in the Shell. Or explores the subject of growing up and becoming a person as well as Hanasaku Iroha or Kids on the Slope or Boys Over Flowers, the latter of which may be the best anti-bullying primer I've ever seen, and an essay on the way antagonistic relationships can change on a dime. Or a show with pure action and comedy like Lupin the 3rd. The Matrix movies have nothing on Ergo Proxy or Serial Experiments Lain, and Pacific Rim seems extremely thin next to Evangelion. How many shows make you care as much for a group of characters by the end as Cowboy Bebop or Inuyasha or Full Metal Alchemist? Or even Black Lagoon?

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