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Whether Scott is alive or not doesn't matter. It makes a lot of sense to have Wolverine "return" from the past and find himself in a new future controlled by Apocalypse. So DOFP would end with Wolvie back in this changed future, with his wife (Jean) and him missing an arm (shot off by Scott). This ends the movie...

Then when Age of Apocalypse (that needs to be the title, though I could accept psylockolussus recommendation of "X-Men: The Apocalypse") starts they could either go with Mags explaining to Wolvie who this Apocalypse is, or they could do a flashback of him. Personally I would like to see it as just the explaining since that would leave a possible Apocalypse Origins movie (that would have part of the story be with the X-Men in either the present or First Class times. And that story could even include Sinister!

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