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Here is how I would love to see DOFP end:

When Wolverine's mind is returned he finds himself in the middle of a fierce battle. Sentinals are flying all around and there are various X-characters that we've seen (and some that we have not yet seen) running around fighting. Explosions everywhere. Laser fire, etc. Wolverine has obviously gone down since someone is sitting over him trying to get him to move. It turns out to be Jean, who is obviously distraught. Logan is so disoriented that he can't fathom what is going on around him. When his eyes open Jean is relieved, kisses him full on the mouth and says "I thought I lost you!". In the distance a beam of energy hits a craft which starts to fall out of the sky right towards Wolverine and Jean. She doesn't see it and Wolverine is too confused to act. All of a sudden the craft's trajectory is altered. Magneto appears hovering above the battle and a huge outward magnetic burst causes all of the opposing mechanizations to blow up giving his rebels a chance to escape. Jean throws Wolverine's left arm over her shoulder and strains to lift him to his feet. Logan starts to flee with her towards the area where Magneto appeared. He looks down and notices he's wearing a dark uniform with red accents, very different than he has ever worn. As he staggers away with the help of Jean his eye is drawn towards his left arm where he sees that it ends not with his hand, but instead in a metal cap. His hand is gone.

Fade to black.

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