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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
I can get excited about Riddler being the villain if the actor playing him is good enough. Like if Paul Dano were announced as Riddler tomorrow, I'd be all over that ****, but otherwise I'd prefer a more interesting character.

Mr. Freeze's arc is so compelling, they have to adapt it, its one of the best Batman villain origin stories. I'd say the musts this time around are Penguin, Riddler, and Freeze. At least two of those will be in the next movies
It depends on how fantastical they want to make the solo movies. Especially if theyre directed by somebody like Affleck who has an even grittier style than Nolan.

If they go fantastical, they need to look at both Freeze and Clayface from the Animated Series.

But im thinking they'll keep with the grittier side of Gotham while just using Batman in a fantastical element when he's well....out of his element. As in crossovers with Superman.

So Riddler and Penguin fit that.

I agree with you. Ill get excited for Riddler if they cast an actor that I like. Otherwise I just don't care enough about the character. Paul Dano may be a little young. Maybe not. But we'll see, that's a good casting choice.

I was just thinking before I read your post, if Nolan's universe was continuing through Blake's Batman as the younger character instead of this money-making stuff theyre doing with Affleck by basically going up against the Avengers concept.........that I would have liked to have seen a director like Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners) do a small scale Gotham detective/mystery film with Riddler. This could still happen with Affleck but im not sure if they'll cast Dano. They might go for a 40 year old with a bigger name like Dicaprio or do something with a larger scale. But Dano was in Prisoners so that's weird that you mention that!

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