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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 9

Originally Posted by DN91 View Post
Maybe he's been busy doing missions for SHIELD along with not feeling emotionally prepared to meet with his old flame from WWII.
I've got a feeling that the meeting with Peggy won't be a social call, but a business meeting. Knowing what we do now, that Peggy was the actual Director of SHIELD back in the post-War days, it stands to reason that she has more than a little knowledge about the "Winter Soldier" project in Russia, or wherever. I think it'll be --- on paper, at least --- simply that Cap and Widow come to Peggy looking for answers about WS/Bucky, but of course Steve and Peggy get the chance to tie up loose-end emotions during the meet.

And btw, yes, Nick Fury *was* in the 084 episode of AOS last night. And very much still the Director of SHIELD. So, if AOS takes place six months after Avengers, it *does* occur right around the time IM3 begins, and we don't yet see any of the Fury on the run/ internal political shakeup in SHIELD that we're all assuming takes place in CATWS.


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