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Default Re: What DIDN'T you like about Iron Man 3? *SPOILER ALERT*

  • How convenient that Tony was in the small town at the right time the bad guys were confiscating their file.
  • He gives a terrorist his home address and puts his unfinished suit on?
  • He doesn't see a missile coming to his house until he sees it on the news? He doesn't activate a home security system or any of the other 40 Iron Man suits in his basement, or have Jarvis call the police?
  • So Nick Fury calls Iron Man for coffee but doesn't show up when Iron Man is supposedly dead?
  • There's flame proof clothes?
  • His Iron Man suit runs out of power, I thought his arch reactor did that?
  • After Rhodey gets the President to safety he doesn't come back to help out Tony out in the fight?
  • How come the Iron Patriot suit is rendered useless after one of the bad guys grabs and heats up one of the suit's hand? While Rhodey was held captive hanging by chains in the suit, why didn't he reactivate the suit right there, the suit was no longer hot? The suit was just fine because once the bad guys got into it they were able to reactivate it and fly to Air Force One and kidnap the President!
  • The Iron Man suits on display in Tony's house blow up one after the other (consecutively) after one missile hits the first one.
  • Why didn't Tony get rid of the arch reactor in the first movie like he did in this one, the dangers of it in the second movie are now null and void!

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