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Default Re: The Official Iron Man 3 Merchandise Thread

I dont believe there are any plans for a 3.75" Movie Mandarin or Extremis Soldiers, I wish there were, but they are staying with the assemblers line for that scale as for which armors are from the movie, I am only famalier with series 1, still waiting on series 2, but the mk 42, Gemini armor and Iron Patroit for sure, will check on the others.
Series 2 should have the silver centurian, Red Snapper armors for sure, others I need to check on.
I think they sent with less this time around, as you can still find IM2 figures at Toys R Us stores, they over did that line, not complaining personally, I have them all, but it was hard as they kept releasing waves, with many never making it to stores.

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