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Default Re: What DIDN'T you like about Iron Man 3? *SPOILER ALERT*

Yeah Nolan's trilogy was very good, TDKR had some problems but they were mostly technical and didn't affect the quality of the plot, and i still think it was better than Batman Begins (the film that turned me into a Batman fan by the way).

I think the major diference between Iron Man 2 and 3 is that 3 was more enjoyable and entertaining, every time i watch it i like it more, about StreetWarrior's criticism:

-Tony's suits don't make him, the whole films theme needed him to be like that and it worked very well, from the "you're smart, just build something" to "suits don't make me".
-They had to inside the film because the name sounded hostile, and there are still some good jokes about that inside the movie.
-It was just a one-liner, the kind we see in action movies all the time, and it's not as if Tony didn't usually kills those he found "deserving"
-Yeah i had that same problem too, but there's that explanation that maybe it was because he built them all in so few time.

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Plenty of male-led action films fail, yet the actors' gender is not blamed. Why should it be different for women? Especially since far more male-led action films are made than female-led action films?
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