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Default Re: What OTHER elements from The Dark Knight Returns could we see?

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
How could one of the most influential, if not THE most influential Batman story to emerge since the 80's, which paved the way to so "utter garbage"???

Just to jump on the bandwagon....DKR is probably THE ultimate Batman
story. That was an amazing time in the world of comics, Moore's Watchmen and Miracleman, Miller's DKR and Elektra Assassin, were pushing the boundaries of the genre, they weren't just edgy, they were the edge.

If you take DKR and Batman Year One together you have the perfect bookends to Batman's story.

Having said all that I would like to see.....NONE OF DKR in the movie.

If the film is really a BM vs SM story, then it needs different source

The Superman/Batman relationship in DKR is not a "first-time" meeting.
It's a huge philosophical divide, caused by decades of conflict over their
methods. It's a friendship soured with age and bitterness. That's what makes the final fist-fight so powerful....for all the Batfans, sorry, but Superman was holding back - he wasn't trying to kill Batman, or even hurt him (which is why Batman got broken ribs rather than splattered all over the street, or incinerated with heat vision)
Batman overcomes him with cunning (Batman's greatest weapon, which , as Superman in Grant Morrisons' JLA story, said makes him the most dangerous man on earth). Bats knew Superman wasn't going to
let loose at full force, he's predictable, which is what allowed him to
lure him into position for the kryptonite arrow. Yes, Batman won that one
, go Batman.

Of course, Bats never planned to kill Superman either -because Batman,
whenever possible, does not kill.

Having said all that, the fight is brutal and visceral, and something we hadn't seen before, way back in 1986. But, it works, and it works because of the characters' shared history.

In a movie where they meet for the first time, that fight scene just wouldn't work -without some pretty major changes, so much that it would be a different scene altogether.

I think much more appropriate source material for Supes and Bats first meeting would be some of John Byrne's work from around the same time
(the late 80's, Superman reboot).

Okay, maybe some stylistic elements from DKR could work in the BM/SM film, but story-wise.......probably not so much.

(yes, we're all thinking it, Batfleck doesn't look anything like Miller's Batman)

So..... no DKR story elements in BM/SM, maybe some style but no story please.


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