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Default Re: What OTHER elements from The Dark Knight Returns could we see?

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
....and furthermore, DKR is Batman's story ! He owns it, and every panel he appears in. The book is worthy of a film all in its own right that only features a guest appearance by Superman (and like I went crazy on in the last post, is not appropriate for a first meeting film).

However, you might be on to something in terms of the gritty style that Miller used to portray Gotham - that could definitely work.

Miller's Batmobile: Batman needs a tank !

Miller's Batcopter: Batman needs a Russian gunship copter !

Miller's portrayal of Jim Gordon ......probably covered in the Nolanverse TDKR film. Sorry, but after Gary Oldman, there aren't many who could step into Gordon's shoes.

Miller's vision of a Gotham out of control, where crime is rampant.....could work.

Miller's Batman.....not sure if Batfleck could carry off the menace, the obsession, the physicality of the role (certainly not the physique, you'd
need Schwarzenegger for that !)

hey, but great idea for a thread. Peace.
Miller's Gordon is next to nothing like Oldman's. This isn't a slight on Miller OR Oldman. Jim is generally depicted as a sympathetic and likeable ally to Batman, and not as much as the hard-boiled cynic from the Miller books.

I think Oldman NAILED the traditional versions of Modern Era Gordon. His version is completely different from Miller's, and I'm more then ok with that.

I think if he has a good voice and a nice costume, he COULD pull of Frank Miller's menace. But Frank's Batman is so scary and borderline psychotic that I think it's not the best route to go. Maybe leaning towards Miller, but not a complete TDKR envisioning, and TDKSA/AllStar should NOT be an influence at all.

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