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Default Re: The Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread

Didn't see that coming with Elfman scoring Burton's upcoming "Big Eyes". It seems like a change of pace for Burton, which is a good thing. I have no doubt Elfman will come up with an itriguing score for it. I looked up the plot synopsis for "Mr. Peabody and Sherman" on IMDb. It seems like it's another animated time travel movie for Elfman. My brother told me it was an adaptation of a segment from "The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show" from back in the day. Although I'm looking forward to what Elfman comes up with for the score. I can't say I'm at all excited about the movie itself. I wish Elfman was offered more interesting projects.

Btw, please don't be afraid to share your thoughts and experience (or even photos) about the Elfman/Burton concert up here whenever you get the chance. I hope this will be a rewarding and extraordinary experience for you. So enjoy yourself. And that goes for anybody else going to the concert as well.

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