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Default Re: What OTHER elements from The Dark Knight Returns could we see?

Originally Posted by TheFlamingCoco View Post
I find TDKR haterz to be on this kind of plane.

*They don't like the Superman portrayal and his relationship to THIS Batman (understandable)
*They don't like its influence on later comics.
*They don't like the way Batman's portrayed (I like the book, and that's also understandable)
*They don't think it's well written (Okay, that I CAN'T understand)
*They don't like the art style or divergence from usual Batman incarnations (Frank draws in a blocky, but visually striking manner. The fight with the Mutants in the Tank stands out in my mind. As for the "it's different" thing, it was intended to be an Elseworlds.)

Yeah ! hear you ! It's weird that what made that story so great is what
some people hated about it. I firmly believe that when Bane was created (the comic Bane) the mutant leader fight scene had some influence (in the look of the characters perhaps, if not the personality of Bane).

Still rank DKR as best Batman story ever, (followed closely by Batman Year One) on that note, highly rank Batman: Venom, the Denny O'Neil story from the early 90's).

Totally agree with the dude who said NO DKSA, wow, how could Miller get it so right.....and then so wrong. There are good moments in DKSA, but DKR ended on such a great note, a sequel was the last thing it needed.
He kind of crapped on his earlier work, without meaning to.

It's like Highlander 2, if you've seen Highlander ( a real action classic from the 80's, it's goofy but fun, and gave rise to the immortal line "There can be only one !") anyway, the first movie finishes pretty much the same as the Matrix (another movie which did NOT need any sequels), and then along comes Highlander 2 and ruins the first movie. Before going to see it, a buddy of mine said "Don't go see it. It'll ruin the first movie for you."
Of course I went to see it anyway, and ruined the first movie for
me. As you can see, I'm over it now......or not.

So DKSA is like Highlander 2 and Matrix revolutions, the sequel we didn't
deserve, and definitely not the one we needed.


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