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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
One batarang into someones hand as they go to push the wrong button/trigger.
Woefully underused in TDK trilogy. I mean, the street lamp, really?
YES! Totally spot on ! Why the F would he go to the trouble of
hand-grinding all those batarang/throwing-blades and then never
use them !

Shuriken aren't really deadly (unless you dipped them in poison) and then
might risk cutting and poisoning yourself, they're painful distractions
- so not much chance of Bats accidentally killing someone with him.
It's almost as if Nolan forgot about them (and I'm not one to criticise
Nolan.....all hail Nolan).

Miller's DKR threw batarangs like a boss, with that classic "thunk" sound.
Let's hope Snyder picks up on that.

You can see it, Batman's taken out about six thugs, striking from the shadows, one by one. The last thug runs, is trapped against a dead end,
looks around wide-eyed in terror then pulls out a .45, and starts shooting into the darkness. Suddenly, "thunk" a razor sharp batarang protrudes from the back of his hand and the pistol clatters to the ground.

Quick, get Snyder on the phone, he owes you a writing credit dude !


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