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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Just to clarify, you are right, if such a thing exists it's the sort of
technique Batman would have in his arsenal - I just wouldn't want to see it used, like "dim mak" in some cheesy kung fu flick. But maybe used sparingly it would look cool. So, I'm not criticising your post at all,
just stating my opinion that I don't want to see too much sillyness creep back into Batman's fighting.

As to the yahoo answers page, there are a lot of other good answers to the
question about nerve strikes like this......

As for myself, I'm not saying nerve strikes don't exist, and the body certainly has weak points (floating ribs, groin, throat, vagus nerve, eyes, temple the list goes on) I think you'd do much better poking someone in the eye than relying on a precision nerve strike that supposedly will render him unconscious.

The thing about those videos is that in all of them, the student being demonstrated on is completely cooperating. Try doing that to someone who's not cooperating, let alone someone who's jumped you from behind by surprise, or is twice your size and picked up a bar stool, or even someone your own size who is reasonably competent in fisticuffs, determined to beat you up and attacking you full out. You simply don't have time to use precision strikes 99% of the time in real life.
If any of those instructors can take on a live opponent (who's not a student) and take them out with a nerve strike in real life, then I'll be
more than prepared to accept the validity of nerve strikes.

The Aikidoka who mentioned Yonkyo, generally that works on me, but for some weird reason nikkyo doesn't work all that well on me. The same goes for nerve strikes, put your finger behind someone's jaw, just below the ear and push up - most people will squeal- I had a student who didn't react at all. I blacked out once by a sharp strike to my vagus nerve (although I was throwing a punch on a command, so the guy who struck me, knew what was coming -just like the students in the videos).

As far as critiques of the UFC, in a sense MMA fighters do target the body's weak points (with carotid chokes, and joint locks), but if precision nerve strikes were so effective, don't you think someone would be using them ?
The truth is that while a nerve-striker would be trying to set up "spleen-point-8" or some other fancy technique, they'd be getting knocked on their ass by a left hook, hobbled by a Thai kick to the thigh (no pun intended) or slammed to the ground with a double leg take-down.

While nerve strikes are fun idea, in real life simplicity is beauty.
Hell, forget the UFC, even in a street fight where things are going crazy
one of the best techniques is a head-butt. How many Krav maga practicioners rely on nerve strikes as part of their primary arsenal ?

Again, I'm not saying nerve strikes ain't possible, but you'd need to be
Batman to pull them off -which is fortunate that Batman only tries them in comic books and movies. Wait, Batman doesn't really exist ? Kidding !

Anyway, your post was cool, and Batman could definitely use joint-locks, chokes and maybe even a strike to a major nerve (eg the vagus nerve) or even a "karate chop" to the carotid artery, which actually does work (if you can land it). I could even go for a nerve strike, provided that Batman attacked someone from behind, or by surprise, or it was just one on one, with a far less competent opponent - but otherwise let's keep it real...well as real as Batman gets anyway.

All good.

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