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Default Re: What OTHER elements from The Dark Knight Returns could we see?

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Gordon in Year One is a much tougher, take no non-sense type of guy. Or at least he becomes that when he has to. Oldmans was milder.

Yeah, Oldman's Gordon is quite cynical and jaded, but I don't think they were as far apart as people say. Gordon in BMBegins is quite similar to BM Year one's Gordon, maybe not as a one-man army, but he's still the one good cop in a bad town who can't get things done, due to all the corrupt cops.

Oldman's Gordon showed plenty of grit when all the lunatics were escaping
from Arkham. Also, remember its Gordon who saves Batman's ass from the Joker in TDK, after he crashes the Batpod

A lot of scenes in BM Begins mirror panels from BM Year one, I think they kept a pretty consistent version of Gordon, without taking away the focus from Bruce/Batman. Maybe Oldman wasn't an overpowering presence, but he certainly did what the Gordon character is supposed to do...that's give us a view of how an ordinary, decent person deals with Batman.

Later, in TDKR we see a very world-weary Gordon, on the verge of giving up, not as old as Miller's DKR Gordon, but both had that real sense of
failure about them. That they couldn't go on any further - although TDKR 's Gordon was overwhelmed with guilt for the deception he'd perpetrated
against the people of Gotham, whereas Miller's Gotham has a somewhat
cleaner conscience (but not much).

Maybe an older Gordon is what BM/SM needs.

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