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Default Re: By the Bristling Beard of Odin! The Thor Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by mwmillett View Post
What do you mean? Granted I am not following super closely every avengers team with thor in it, but Thor in recent history, beat down extremis iron man easily and told stark off in a great issue, highly recomend it, Thor Vol 2, #4 by Strat. thor kills the sentry in siege, defeats angrir and the serpent in FI, is able to hurt the pheonix in space. I will admit that certain writers treat Thor like crap and that needs to change, but on the whole Thor's stength is respected.
My post was referring to this garbled mess, not my opinions.

Originally Posted by raimar View Post
I am really dissapointed at Marvel's attitude towatds Thor. Maybe they think luck never runs out. After seeing chapter 1 of Shield and falling asleep in the process, I realize they might actaually have been lucky with the Avengers movie and Whedon is most definitely not as good as it seems . So why, then, screw up the one character that has potential to reach a larger audience. Typical people actually like this character. They are making him look like an idiot all the time in the comics. I' ve had it with Marvel.
If you are a Thor fan, let' call for a boycott of the movie. Show some self respect. Lets see how they do without our support. Let them know! Let' s see what Marvel execs think when they hear this. I am on this right now. Show some balls ladies and gentlemen.

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