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Default Re: Official UNCANNY X-MEN Discussion Thread

When do you guys think the X-Men will regain control of their powers? I really need some AvX closure, like when Thor beat down Iron Man after civil war, and Steve Rodgers getting the SRA repealing after Siege. I need the X-men to wake up, back scott, out wolverine as the traitor he is, and make Cap eat dirt with an optic blast after his shield is shattered by a powered up and pissed off scott. We all know Scott was right, the writers got the pheonix all wrong and if you read the avengers story they truly thought the pheonix was evil, which obviously the x-men know more about, but Bendis just wrote it so poorly, and had Captain America go all Iron man on Utopia. I saw Scott acting just like Captian America did when he attacked Hill and the cape killers at the start of civil war, such terrible hypocrisy and then having Namor lose a fight, while underwater? man I could rant for days, but the point is, When do you think the rematch will occur? it has to considering the extinction team are wanted felons, so its just a matter of where and when.

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