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I'm not sure how I feel about Apocalypse being the next villain when Cable is being introduced in X-Force. I'm not sure how I feel if Cyclops isn't coming back first. That and Angel isn't in DOFP. Those are his three biggest enemies. Apocalypse needs more buildup.

The way that I'd handle it is to first give us another villain. If the new timeline still has a dead Cyclops, I'd want to see Cameron Hodge first to give Angel more development. If Cyclops is still dead, than I'd like to see Sinister come first as somebody who cloned Scott just to bring him onto the team and maybe play up the Cyclops/Sinister rivalry.

Save Apocalypse for after X-Force. We need Cyclops, Angel and Cable first to do Apocalypse justice. Besides, Sinister and Hodge are lesser threats and if you do them right after Apocalypse, that'll be a step down. Apocalypse is the biggest threat the X-Men have, he needs to remain in the background for a little while longer.

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