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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman - Part 1

Originally Posted by Man.of.Tomorrow View Post
Yes!! He is 'fat Cavill' after all! Ha, not really obv, but the dude has a sizeable ass for a guy. Kinda like a girl's butt - you could park on a pint on his butt and it would probably stay upright. I'd like to point out that I never noticed this until women pointed it out, but now I can't help but notice it, espec in certain clothes...!
Originally Posted by lc23 View Post
Yep. This lady right here loves Henry's luscious booty. I've always noticed it. He could do side bends or situps, but please don't lose that butt! Baby Got Back!
Originally Posted by Anita18 View Post
Most girls don't have a butt the quality of Henry's either. Now that I'm weightlifting, every girl's butt looks kind of flat! Except if they lift weights too. Then it's

I love great butts on guys. It's partly the reason why I'm such a huge figure skating fan. Sure, most of the (North American) male skaters are gay, but who cares? That doesn't stop me from ogling some nice butts.
Lol. Someone here did say that Cavill had child bearing hips.

I think if you are hitting your legs hard, your glutes will start popping too! Gerard Butler said that when he was training for 300, he started get an ass big as Jennifer Lopez and he could balance drinks on it at parties.

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