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Default Re: What OTHER elements from The Dark Knight Returns could we see?

A retired and mentally tortured, Bruce Wayne.

Say during the events of MOS, Batman, has or is considering going into retirement.

Goyer, pretty much, doesn't want to make a Batman an absolute, like he is in the comics. He wants to give the characters more substance, that makes sense to the respective characterization elements.

Batman, may be in his early 40's, but it's hinted he's tired and weary of crime fighting, and there has to be a reason.
Bruce may be looking to faze out his Batman persona and during this movie, he's pushed it aside and continuing to do so. He's resorted to doing more charity work, that benefits the world more than he thinks Batman ever could. He's just become disillusioned. Another traumatic event before or during MOS may have led him to think about retirement.

I just think they should do something with the old age concept of characters, than just having them look older and behave the same as always.

It'd be nice if he rediscovers himself here and his passion for Justice, thanks to Superman, and the two go on to form the JL.

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