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Default Re: Transformers: Prime

Originally Posted by <(o_o)> View Post
Did anybody watch the Transformers: Beast Hunters movie tonight? IMO, It wasn't as good as the regular finale a few months ago maybe it was because of the no human element. Was this movie supposed to be the true end to the series?
The end of TF: PRIME, yeah. But given all the work that Hasbro's put into this "Aligned" continuity and what they've presumably got mapped out for it, I wouldn't be surprised if the next series ties into it (akin to the Beast shows or the Unicron Trilogy).

All in all I have to agree, this wasn't quite as good as "Deadlock" - it kinda plays like an hour-long mix of TF:TM and the Beast Machines finale - but it has its moments.

I don't necessarily buy that
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Megatron would just abandon the Decepticon cause just like that, even after being possessed by Unicron
, so hopefully if the next series IS a follow-up we'll find out what becomes of him.

Also it's pretty clear from his final speech that
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Optimus' "death" was softened up in order to have a way to bring him back
if they do follow up with the next series.

The Predacons were awesome, though.

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