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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 2

Originally Posted by A Necessary Evil View Post
See, I'd be okay with hardcore Mandarin fans being angered by the twist. Really, I would. However, up until IM3, how many Mandarin fans, much less Iron Man (comic book) fans were there? I know Tony_Stark (the user on here) is a pro, he seems to know his stuff. I think Kedrell may have been a fan too, but other than that, I never heard anyone digging the Mandarin. Now yes, it is a slight disappointment that he turned out to be an actor, because Kingsley was really, really promising and menacing. But after that...what happens? Kingsley uses power rings to fight a much younger looking Stark? Meh. I really love what they did with the twist, and love it the more I think about it.
I know of another one, MichaelChen, who is a legitimate Mandarin fan ( having posted many times about the characters years before IM3 came out ).

His main contribution to the issue is a number of posts elaborating on why Killian is far closer to the comics Mandarin than the fake Mandarin was, in all ways save for a few relatively unimportant factors like national origin.

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