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Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
totally agree with that.

Cyclops and Angel should be pivotal roles in a possible Age of Apocalypse addaptation. With the rest of the team involved too and Cable being there too, in case Fox wants to make a big X-Men & XForce crossover
I was thinking less AoA. More along the lines of X-Factor Endgame (which needs Cyclops and Angel), The Twelve (which needs Cyclops and Cable), Apocalypse Solution (Which needs Angel) and The Dark Angel Saga (which again, needs Angel). Do a mashup of elements from those storylines.

Also, 2015 is too early for the main X-Men to appear again. Fox should focus on X-Factor, Wolverine, Deadpool, Silver Surfer, X-Men, X-Force and Fantastic Four and do one to two a year so they aren't milking the same characters every year.

That and 1-2 films yearly also frees up Fox to work on other projects and get around 2 other tentpole films released per year.

Apocalypse needs foreshadowing. Like Cable will talk about how he wants to set things right in our present in X-Force and Mr. Sinister tells Cyclops that he's not the enemy and the lesser evil to a greater threat in X5. That teases Apocalypse as this great world-altering threat that come X6 will be the biggest, baddest threat ever.

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