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Default Re: What OTHER elements from The Dark Knight Returns could we see?

Originally Posted by CharlieS View Post
Why Batman should be traumatized he's not a little pussy.
You do realise he's already a traumatized man? Within trauma, you get tortured

And in TDKReturns, Bruce more or less retired because of what happened to, Jason Todd. It's referenced all throughout. Something traumatized him badly and with that, he disbanded the Bat Family and went into retirement for a few years. And in those years, he was mentally tortured and hounded by his repressed Batman persona.

I can see Ben nailing that potential aspect, after watching Hollywoodland.

Batman could be long gone during MOS' s events. And once he returns, he makes enemies out of the Government, that demand Superman to bring him down. And Superman, having no real knowledge whether Batman is a hero or a villain, does as they say, trying to get in their good books. Unknowingly becoming their lapdog for a while.

And I think someone corrupt within the Government should be the villain orchestrating the plot. If that was the case, of course.

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