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Default Re: An alternative "Logan" film

There's a book called "Violent Tendencies" that has a similar plot. It takes place two months after Logan escapes Weapon X, when he's still living wild in the woods (it opens with him hunting down a wolf that was hunting a deer and eating it). He ends up finding this town, which he stays away from, but one guy sees him one night and goes off looking for him.

At the same time, the government wants to recapture him, and they send Weapons I-IX after him, which are all basically a bunch of failed experiments. (That part gets a little silly)

But the town gets tangled up in it, there's a female scientist who gets used as bait and hooks up with Logan, there's a lynch mob from the town that goes after Logan because they think he killed someone in their town (he didn't), but they end up running right into the whole ops group that was trying recapture him. And there's a big fight at the end that includes Logan going berserk and then running off at the end.

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