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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman - Part 1

Originally Posted by Man.of.Tomorrow View Post
I would be very surprised if he got bigger this time. They had the shirtless scene in MOS which obviously meant that he had to get up to that size - because they clearly wanted the audience to know that he really was that big and there was no trickery involved. Being that big gave real believability to him in the role of Superman - and a real physicality to the part.

I don't think there will be shirtless scenes in this film (I may be wrong!) but now he is already established as Superman I can't see a scene where he is wandering around with his shirt off. I think he will get big, he'll fill the suit out nicely, but maybe not get quite so cut. Who knows though?? I was one of the people who, although I really supported his casting, was a little bit apprehensive about whether Cavill would be able to get big enough in the short time frame... and he surprised me a lot then so who knows?!
It's a Zack Snyder movie. There will be shirtless scenes.

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