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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman - Part 1

Originally Posted by DCnightwing23 View Post
So for curiosity sake, do you guys think Cavill will end up being bigger then he was for MOS2? And if he has already started training, when do they start filming? I'm hoping Affleck shows this much dedication to his role. In Cav-El i trust
An unconfirmed news article did say that Affleck also started training 2 hours a day the day after he was cast. He is also shooting Gone Girl right now for David Fincher.

The shoot is scheduled to begin sometime in Feb 2014 and will last till August 2014. And both Cavill and Affleck will be training throughout that period too.

Cavill doesn't NEED to get bigger IMO though of course he can go bigger if he wants to, the training might be more interesting for him if he's going bigger than MOS, Hugh Jackman always likes to go bigger than last time for his Wolverine training. IMHO Cavill had the best superhero physique in live action films.

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