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Default Re: Should Stryfe or Selene be the villain for the X-Force movie?

Honestly, I could care less who the main guy characters are, as long as we get at least one bad-ass chick like Domino or Psylocke, and - this is important - they DON'T act like the "token female" of the group. X-Men films so far have done a very good job with that, I just don't want some Pepper Potts, Black Widow, Invisible Woman bullcrap.

For the villain, I would LOVE Selene. I think Stryfe would be odd for an intro movie.

And hell, if they did it right, think about the ability to bring back a character like Cyclops through Selene.

I also wouldn't mind at all a group like Friends Of Humanity/Purifies, like someone said with characters like Matthew Reismand or Creed.

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