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Default Re: Team Bats or Team Supes / Team Clark or Team Bruce

Originally Posted by TheOneWhoKnocks View Post
The connection he is making is Batman beating up insane criminals who assault, murder, rape, and terrorize citizens is somehow something that kids draw on to bully quiet, oddball, cerebral kids who are doing nothing wrong. That's ridiculous. If anything, it's an example of bullying or physically engaging the bullies, who might be a little messed up in the head. I can agree that that is not always the best way to handle things, especially in the school setting.

What a great thread, these kinds of discussions are what forums like this are for. Whether I agree or disagree, it's interesting to hear different points of view, hats off to the dude who started it.

Now IMO, while I'd much prefer to be Superman, swooping down from the clouds to sort things out, there's certainly a visceral attraction to Batman's brand of rough justice.

How often do we read a newspaper article about some scumbag who's escaped justice on a technicality, or some unsolved crime where somebody's gotten away with something terrible ? - On some level it'd be nice to imagine Batman out there, sorting out those thugs, and giving them a sound thrashing. Batman does what the police can't he doesn't
get caught up in the red tape, and isn't bound by rules of evidence that
shackle investigations in the Courts -but at the same time, Batman's
investigations are always correct, he never busts or sets up an innocent man - he's incorruptible and can't be bribed to look the other way.

While Superman seems to be about generosity of spirit and helping out
Batman is about justice, he's comfortingly black and white -right and wrong. He's also about our very basic human need for revenge, whereas Superman is usually above such things (I say usually !) Batman's about getting revenge on criminals in general, for his parents' murder.

However, I still think those billions could be better spent in creating jobs, or maybe influencing law reform. I mean, Batman does a great job dealing with organized crime, but does he cut off the drug supply into Gotham ?
Does he deal with domestic violence (which in my country is a huge problem).

By the same token, Superman could possibly share some kryptonian technology with humans, particularly some that would reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, or would help clean up the environment....

....but these are superheroes, so that's hardly the point, the whole genre rests on the premise that the best way to deal with evil is to kick the
crap out of it.

If I had a point somewhere in there is that as someone else said Batman and Superman represent ideals - well, except when Batman's a bully, but then again, he's not meant to be perfect. He's Batman !

So, I'm still on team Clark, but only by the narrowest of margins.

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