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Default Re: Team Bats or Team Supes / Team Clark or Team Bruce

You know, the irony of Clark and Bruce is that they're both individuals who probably understands the most on what it means to live to like a everyday person and in the same time, they couldn't be farther away from that concept.

Bruce may be human physically, one that has achieved the best conditioning that a human body can obtain, and yet in the same time, he's a billionaire, so he really wouldn't know what it means to suffer the things that average/middle class people go through every day.

I mean, people say that anyone can be batman, but that's pretty far from the truth when you consider on how a lot of the stuff that Batman uses requires a lot of money that needs to be used in order to pay for that stuff.

Now with Superman, he's pretty much like a God when it comes to his powers and persona within the world, and yet he comes from a humble background and experienced the life of a regular person.

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