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Default Re: What OTHER elements from The Dark Knight Returns could we see?

Originally Posted by Happy Jack View Post
The Batman in that book is not the same Batman that's in DKR. You've got 20 years in between those comics for Miller to lose his mind and his artistic integrity.

Couldn't agree more. Batman in DKR was a tight and compelling character, with deep psychological scars and flaws - and despite all that, the reader ends up cheering for him (even against Superman, who arguably is only doing what he thinks is right).

But DKSA is a different Batman, without pity, without warmth - he's a crazy Bastard. But that isn't what really pisses me off about DKSA, here's the thing,
what made DKR so absolutely brilliant, is that it's the END OF BATMAN.
Sure the legend lives on, but the man steps aside. It was a wonderful finish
to one of the best comic book characters of all time.

So, it's a great ending.....until the ****ing sequel !!!! The whole point was having an END to the Batman story, so having a sequel where he becomes Batman again craps all over that.

How could Miller not see that ? This is the guy who wrote Elektra Assassin, another of my favourite comic books of all time -even today it pushes the boundaries. How could he ruin his arguably greatest creation.

It would have been like Michaelangelo painting the cistine chapel (which I've seen, it's amazing) and then repainting over the central mural in stick figures. Or Da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa, and then painting over her face with a frown.

Mind you, this is also the man who brought us "The spirit" arguably the worst superhero film of all time !

to paraphrase Jor-El said in MOS
"I will honour the man Miller once was, not this monster he's become."

Anyway, I still don't think that DKR has many appropriate features that would work in a Batman-Superman film, where they meet for the first time.
And I just can't see Affleck as Miller's Batman (not physically, not tonally).
Maybe some of the style, or the depiction of Gotham or Jim Gordon, but otherwise no. And for the love of God, please, nothing from DKSA !

Having said that, I loved what Snyder did with Miller's 300 - but a Batman/Superman film has to have a bit more heart than that, it's not just a festival of ass-kicking.

let's hope they get it right.

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