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Default Re: Alice Krige as.....?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
For the record, we now know who Krige plays. Guess we were all wrong.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
According to the just-released novelization, she plays Eir, an Asgardian goddess of youth/medicine. Her only known role seems to be as Jane Foster's ob-gyn. Well, not literally, but she gives Jane some kind of Asgardian exam/X-ray that uncovers strange things inside her....we'll leave it at that.
Funny thing, Eir never appeared in the 616 universe and ist taken straight out of the myth.

Eir (also Iær, Aer) is mentioned once by Snorri and appears once in Svipdagsmál. Snorri tells us that she is “the best of healers”; in Svipdagsmál, she is one of the maidens on a mountain called “Lyfja” (“to heal through magic” - de Vries,Wörterbuch, p. 369 ), of which it is said that it “has long been a pleasure for the sick and wounded; every woman will become whole if she climbs it, though she has a grievous illness”. The other women also have names suggesting works of weal, such as “Hlíf” (“Protection”), “Blíð” (“Blithe”), and Fríð (“beautiful, peaceful”) and it is said of them that they offer help to those who sacrifice to them.
According to de Vries (Wörterbuch, p. 97), Eir’s name is originally derived from words meaning “honour” or “worship” (related to modern German Ehre); it is lso seen as the Old Norse noun eir, “graciousness - mildness - help”. Related to it is the verb eira, “to care for; to help or please”. There is also a word eir meaning “copper”; though this word is not etymologically related to the goddess-name, the healing might of copper rings and bracelets has long been known in folk-medicine, so that this metal might well be thought of as particularly hers.

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