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Default Re: Which Female Character do u think will get the most Epic #ActionMoment?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Just the idea of Storm appearing in a X-Men movie is already *epic* for me!

But yeah I'm hoping they'll reshoot or shoot new scenes with Halle Berry. The Storm can't be uncaged!
I hope so too but there might be a problem with that.

Halle will no doubt take a month or two off in order to rest, get back into shape and spend time with her newborn son. Then she has her indie project 'Mother' and her new TV series 'Extant' to film.

Extant has a summer 2014 premiere date. CBS announced that they would air it alongside Under the Dome next year. Which premiered in June this year so it is logical to think that Extant will air in June 2014. Halle said it will take five months to film a season. So that not including any post production time (which the Show will need as it is a heavy Sci-Fi show. I read the pilot script review.) means that the show will have to start filming by January the latest.

I don't know the release date for 'Mother' but that is supposed to start production by next year, most likely before because of Extant with maybe a month or two of overlap. So basically what I'm trying to say is that for the first time in quite a while Halle has a full schedule from now until halfway through next year.

Now there is the possibility that she might be able to squeeze maybe a few days to a week of filming for Days of Future Past but it is looking unlikely.

What I'm also worried about is that Halle may be too busy filming 'Extant' or 'Mother' to do much promotion for Days of Future Past if any at all.

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