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Default Re: What OTHER elements from The Dark Knight Returns could we see?

Originally Posted by CharlieS View Post
TDkReturns was a ok but the way Superman was portrayed was really bad. Superman was really dumb in that comic book, at least Superman had a purpose in TDKSA even TDKSA was really bad.
Originally Posted by CharlieS View Post
I just hope that Superman will not be portrayed as a government puppet like he was portrayed in TDKReturns.
Apart from Batman: Year One, everything Miller has written on Batman has been either satire or deconstructive.

Superman in The Dark Knight Returns is a satire/deconstruction of what Superman was in the 1940's (when written by creator Jerry Siegel). In the 40's Superman was being published as a means to sell war bonds and contained anti- Japanese sentiment the infamous "slap a Jap" issue of Action Comics #58 and Action #63 showing Superman attacking the Japanese air force on the cover and Superman #133 showing Superman taking part of an invasion force.

Frank Miller took that Superman and took him to his natural conclusion, but with some of modern (at the time) Superman's sensibilities thrown in. He worked for the government, and did so willingly, he didn't have to work for them, but it was the only way he could get any work done.

He does the same for Batman, but in a different light, and there are probably many different reviews that go over this, but it takes the no-nonsense pulp character he began as and injects it with the superhero of modern publications.

However, people never praise Miller's (All-Star) Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder. Now, there is reason to. It's the satirical take of his own Batman. Following The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One, the 80's, 90's and early 00's were defined as writer after writer doing there best to write Batman like Miller did and creating the era known as the "Bat-Jerk" or "Bat-dick" (though the second name would be claimed by Grayson in his 3 year run as Batman). The era was defined for me, by Bruce punching Dick Grayson in the face and telling him not to contact him, leaving him alone in the cave crying.

Frank Miller was trying to show the writers how goddamned stupid they are and how it looked to him. So he writes Batman as someone desperately trying to be cool and impress kids or earn recognition amongst peers (new readers/ Robin), but failing at every turn. Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder is to Batman what The Dark Knight Returns is to Superman, it's a satire.

Sure, neither DKR or ASBAR have as many great moments on the surface as B: YO (ASBAR only has like 5), but they are better when you scratch the surface a little.

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