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Default Re: Neill Blomkamp’s next project... ELYSIUM? - Part 1

I love looking into the development of a character, so I just had to find out some more about Copley's character Kruger and luckily enough, Sharlto did an AMA on Reddit about a month ago.

On preparation:

Preparation really depends on the character - for Kruger i had an itunes playlist called "KRUGER" and it was full of more aggressive style music - wrap, some metal tracks - i would listen to the music every day on my way into set, and sometimes during breaks at the trailer. The song i listened to the most was DROP THE WORLD by lil wayne and eminem.
Kruger's background:

Kruger was inspired by okes from the south and 3-2 battalion right from the start of his invention. i hope they forgive me that he had to be a villian in this one. if he could have been the good guy i would have prefered that as his character certainly isn't how i see my friends from "the south" or in fact 3-2 battalion.
For those interested, the full AMA (there are also some questions about D9 and Oldboy) -

I thought this movie was excellent and the visuals and scenery were absolutely stunning. I know I'm real late to the party, apologies.

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