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Default Re: Team Bats or Team Supes / Team Clark or Team Bruce

Some people who have mental illness are bad and do bad things for sure, or are criminally insane, but some of them are quietly trying to deal with it on their own. I just hope that young kids don't get the message that all mental illness is bad in the sense that it must be stopped! Because of course it is not. Some people are taking their medication each and every day to keep it under control and do not need someone to put them in their place which is what I worry about a little with young kids reading Batman.

Sure, Batman is more interesting, but I just don't want Superman to disappear. I feel like as time goes on, it is getting harder and harder to release a Superman movie and that now we NEED Batman in a Superman movie in order for it to make any kind of money or to be a decent movie. I just hope the character doesn't disappear. That he was a good character a few decades ago or as a yesteryear character, but these days, he just doesn't sell. But that Batman is flying off the shelves faster than... ehem a speeding bullet.

I think one thing I like about Superman and all the characters is, understand first, beat up and deal with after. He will sit you down and ask you what you are doing, he won't pummel you. With Batman it is beat down first and if you're lucky, you get to explain yourself. He doesn't care if you got beaten up as a child, he doesn't care if you are struggling with a mental illness, he doesn't care if you're life has been entirely tragic. He will beat the ***** out of you if he thinks you seem dodgy. I know it is a bit of a stretch, but I always liked how understanding Clark/ Superman is. He really listens to others' stories. And people always act like Batman/ Bruce Wayne is such a better character on every level. It does make sense why Batman sells more, but as I said, I just don't want Superman to disappear, because people seem to act as though there is nothing about the character of Clark/ Superman worth reading about.


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