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I was just thinking..When Thor came back from the dead a few years ago he still had the Odin Force but for some reason the writers would not let him use it much (he did recreate Asgard) or even keep it. At first I thought it was due to the writers saying that his inexperience in using that much power causes him to hold back but now I think its because they didn't want him overshadowing other characters. I remember reading someone saying the fights would be too one sided and it would be boring? So the opposite is great right?!! Having a Phoenix Force powered Emma Frost beat him is okay I guess? It's okay to have a World Breaker Hulk but not a Thor with a least a sizeable portion of the Odin Force? Sighs.. My rant is over for now. (shakes head in disgust)
When Thor moved Asgard over New York the world teamed up to beat him, but King thor killed them all, including Hulk, Thing, Wolverine, Captain America just to name a few. The world breaker thor has been done, its a great read, however the timeline was set back in thor 79 right before the Avengers dissasembled arc.

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