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Default Re: The Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread

LLLR posted this on their facebook page almost 24 hrs ago about the release date of their 2nd Elfman title, which is rumored to be "Midnight Run".

Originally Posted by La La Land Records
Oct 22 originally was supposed to be Grimm and another Elfman title, but we recently got an unexpected quick sign off on a great horror title that we should unleash before Halloween. So, that title will be released instead of the Eflman. It's a classic from one of the modern day greats!

That Elfman title has been bumped to Nov 5 where it might share the release date with another title or two...or perhaps nothing if we don't have any sign offs soon. lol
Sigh... I'm still planning on purchasing "Black Beauty" with the second Elfman title. I'll just have to be more patient. I've been thirsty for an Elfman score since last summer's"Epic".

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