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Default Re: Batman as a Vehicle for the Surveillance State

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I don't think we "know" that at all. The only thing we can know for certain is that he is against such being used against HIMSELF.

We MIGHT be able to ASSUME that he is similarly against such being used against the populace in general.

That would make him a hypocrite. "Freedom is good enough for me but not the slaves."

Yes, but that's exactly the mentality of a HUGE portion of people in america.
Many people COMPLETELY support the use of Drones ("on" ANY "soil") to monitor, and even kill, government labelled "potential threats."

What they refuse to accept is that means they can, and WILL use those same drones to spy on you.

You will never be forgoten Robert.

Thanks Cconn, for the avvy.

"Originally we wanted Bill Murray to play Batman." - Jon Peters.
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