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Default Re: Batman as a Vehicle for the Surveillance State

It's funny. I'm reading the JL Mortal script and two things jump out to me in the first 5 pages.

1) No one likes Aquaman. There is a scene at Planet Krypton where the busboy is in an Aquaman costume. Even Martian Manhunter gets to be a bartender.

2) Batman loves his surveillance. From the script:

Batman. He's at the console of a massive computer system with a 10-foot VIDEO MONITOR. He's unshaven, feet up. Watching. Always watching.
I must say reading that description put a bad taste in my mouth much like the police state he has over Gotham in Kindgom Come. Sometimes it's unnerving the lengths to which he will go. That being said, it's part of what makes him interesting. The same could be said for Superman and which conflicts he should interfere in. Some things are out of his control and are best left for the human race to sort out. Peace on Earth is a good example of that.

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