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^ A story about a dystopian future ruled by a being of imense power that believes in survival of the fittest, caused by the accidental death of Prefessor X in the past, seems like a great story to me. And AOA, just like DOFP, resets at the end. Once Apocalypse is defeated and the past is fixed, you're back in the normal timeline with Xavier alive and everything fine.

And there are many cool places to go from there, including:

- Days of Future Present (An X-Men and F4 crossover)
- The Mutant Massacre (Could lead to Angel becoming Archangel)
- Asteroid M (with Fabien Cortez, etc.)
- X-Cutioner's Song (Crossover movie after Cable is ontroduced)
- The Phalanx Covenant
- The Shiar Empire (Hey, if we can have a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, than why not the Shiar? Deathbird and the Starjammers could be cool)
- X-Tinction Agenda
- Fatal Attractions
- Onslaught
- The Dark Phoenix (Once Jean's brought back)
- The Brood
- Inferno

So I'd say there are many good stories to tell after they do Age of Apocalypse!

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