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Default Re: Silver Surfer vs Thor

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
Well I am not just basing it on this fight, I have seen/read a good few Hulk/Thor fights and never seen Thor win, also I have seen/read a good few SS/Hulk fights as well and never seen Hulk win, so as well as this fight, there is the fact that Surfer beats Hulk every time he fights him and yet Thor very rarely beats Hulk.

Also Surfer beat Beta Ray Bill, who is the equal of Thor, with ease, not to mention in The Annihilators, Ikon identifies the Surfer as the most powerful of the team by some way and this team includes Beta Ray Bill also.
SS has also said that the magic of Mjolnir is more powerful than his own cosmic power, and Thor's most powerful attacks come from himself, not Mjolnir.

Thor has beat Hulk several times. Even killed him when not holding back.

But if we're talking fights we can just look at SS vs Thor. Thor has beaten SS.

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