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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by D.P. View Post

I half expected this after that line:

LOL ! That's terrific ! The one actor who could never play Batman (unless they were re-making the 1960's show). Nice, very nice.

I suppose writers have trouble making Batman essentially dark, but still readable. Dark comedy can be very effective, but it's very hard to pull off.
Bad puns probably aren't quite going to cut it with today's audience.

Having both praised and slagged off Frank Miller in a different thread, I thought his Batman in DKR managed to get it just right (unlike his subsequent Batman iterations in TDKSA and ASBMAR, not sure if I used the right acronym there.)

Anyway, Batman in DKR was obsessive, tough and a little bit mean (at times) but also very human. Sadly, that all got lost in Miller's later work.

Anyway, back to the core business of this thread....Batman's ass-kicking prowess. What sort of other weapons should the Dark Knight be packing,
now that we've established that Batarangs are a must ?

Smoke /flash bombs (hopefully a bit less ineffectual than the thing he threw at Bane), for distraction perhaps - because Batman likes to get up-close and personal.

I approved of Batman's weaponry, under Nolan's direction (sticky-bomb launcher, forearm blades, and the grapple gun), but what are some more interesting ways for him to USE all those wonderful toys ?

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