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Wink Re: Batman hits women?

Originally Posted by Oswald View Post
Mmm, a guy whose hobby is dressing like a bat to catch criminals and you think he doesn't hate them? He makes it for vengeance and justice but he doesn't hate them? Really?

First the vengeance and the justice have nothing to see each other. Then, if Bruce Wayne wanted justice he would be interested for the fate of the criminals he catches, and perhaps he would finish like Two Face. If he wanted vengeance he would kill the criminals and he would be like Azrael or Red Hood. He doesn't do one thing nor the other, so he isn't looking for vengeance or justice. In my opinion he just wants to relieve the anxiety for their parents's murder by attacking criminals, nothing more, so he is another madman, a sanctimonious one, but madman anyway.
You're looking at it from a very narrow point of view, like a horse with blinders on. No, I don't think Batman hates criminals. Wanna know why? Because he doesn't kill them.

Hate is a strong word that gets tossed around easily these days. Hate is the penultimate feeling that leads an individual to cross that line and go right over the edge and take someone's life. Batman doesn't do this. Hell, he has more reasons to kill the Joker than any other character in his life... and yet he still doesn't. He's driven by vengeance, yes, but he's also clinging to a sense of morality. Punish the wicked, protect the innocent - that's his motto, right?

And you shouldn't mince words... I didn't say justice and vengeance were synonymous. The former is always right, and the latter can be right depending on your point of view. Both of these desires drive Batman... not hate. If you choose not to see that, then I'm afraid your understanding of the character at the present time has become muddled. Perhaps that came from some premonition you had and have convinced yourself of, or perhaps it's based on something you read which you thought was smart and decided to agree with. God knows.

In any sense... try to understand Batman's loss. The loss of a parent (let alone both of them) is traumatic, and can last with someone through their life. I lost my father six years ago... and it leaves a hole in you that can never be filled. At least that's my experience. Batman has chosen his path to keep that pain (if he can prevent it) from happening to others. This is what moves him to do what he does, not necessarily a simple "relief for anxiety" as you put it. A relief from that anxiety rarely if ever comes. All Batman can do is use the life he was given to spare others that horror.


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